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ムスタファ監督 退任のお知らせ









【選手歴】アクラ・ハーツ・オブ・オーク(ガーナ) – ビルドコンFC(ザンビア) – ンカナFC(ザンビア) – おこしやす京都AC





2019年 キングス・パレスFC・アコソンボ(ガーナ)コーチ
2020年〜 おこしやす京都ACコーチ
2022年~ おこしやす京都AC監督



I will firstly say SORRY to the Club, partners, shareholders and fans for not being able to achieve my JFL dreams as a director.
I knew it will not be easy for me as my first time and first season being a director of Ococias Kyoto AC but I wanted to face the challenge and help the club to achieve it goal to JFL, We started the league very well and players were doing there best to help the team as well even though there was much injury problems right after the league started but Coaching staff did there best also to encourage players mentally which make things much easy for us to go through the league and became forth and we were able to qualified to Zensha through the hard work of the players and Coaching staff as well as the support from the shareholders, partners and fans.
We went Zensha as a team with unity and understanding thinking to do our best to pay back to the society the support they gave us, We played very well at Zensha but we couldn’t achieve our goal as planed. As a director of a club I have learnt a big lesson of strengthen players with unity and understanding to each other which is the key factor of a group of people working together to achieve one goal.
The club will make sure next season will be a very great season with full of unity and understanding to players and staff right from the begging of the season to ensure great success to pay back the society what they deserve.
I will say a big thank you to the partners, shareholders and Fans of Ococias Kyoto AC, I really appreciate all your support for me and the team this season, let keep supporting the team next season to help the society growth for the future of the youth. Thank you all.